Gift Ideas

Unique Artist Crafted Gifts

All Glass items are Hand painted, original and one of a kind. They are heat cured and acrylic gloss finished for durability, color fastness, and Dishwasher safe cleaning. Prices are firm and shipping is extra ( Except in Winnipeg where pick up and delivery may be arranged). We accept e-transfer and PayPal transactions as payment methods at this time.

Bottle Light


A Delightful Special touch when giving flowers, celebrating a special event or just to make someone smile. Surprisingly the transparency in my hand painted Vases, gives them an additional function… candle light. When not cradling a bouquet, they can shine brightly by adding a tealight candle or flameless candle. So much style all in one place.


For the best times, making memories times, one of a kind times…. Single glasses with a unique and very personal light to shine… or just a fun way to sip your way to you.


Hand painted and Artist designed Beverage Glasses that double as a beautiful Candle Holder center piece. Lovely lighted or full of Cheer.
$25.00 ea.

If Glass isn’t your thing, here’s a little ornamental Sparkle and Shine.


One of a kind, Handmade and creatively designed, these beauties are just the thing to compliment your style and add a little bling to your look.

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