Try New Things

I like simple…whatever you have, get into it, get to know your supplies ….kind of art. Today we tried out some super inexpensive paint sticks from Dollarama.

Getting to know you

We tested the colors and textures. Tried to smudge and blend. These dry almost immediately so smudges and blending were a nope. But they didnt get on our hands or clothes so that’s great for a faster process.

Bold and Stubborn

I did not appreciate the quick dry or inability to blend, even with water. This could have been a background, but I didnt like it at all…. trash!

Of course I always have to try it out for tree-ability. Love love love. I added some acrylic paint pens to outline and later will grow this beauty with glittery watercolour and gel pen foliage.

Thanks for growing with me. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a little bargain art treat for a Saturday afternoon of creative exploration. Especially if there’s a child near.

Tree Ability ✔

Lots of love,

Julia & Shia.