Late Night Doodles

Taking on project’s is awesome. Gives a girl a sense of intention and purpose. Using time, energy, and creativity to do a “job” is perfection. But when you’re me, that means sleep stealing focus and a bit of obsessive attention being “In The Zone”. One must still decompress and play. When its 4am and you’ve hyper focused yourself into sleepless night syndrome…… Doodle!

In this case it was finding happy reference images via google and Pinterest and pulling out the happy box of pencil crayons. Its bliss. Honestly. Relax into the playful re-creation of pictures you enjoy. Change it, add things, let go of serious obligation and let the flow….flow.

This too is Art. This is therapy. This is connecting back to yourself if you’ve been focused on outside motivation to output for others.

These were taken even further, loaded into a photo editing program and given some blingy modifications. Hehe, so Satisfying.

I would love to see what you make when no one watches. Join me on Instagram or facebook with the links above. It could be fun to see what happens in the real. See you there! Keep your art fun.

~ Julia Marie