Beauty in the Almost

Once upon a time, I was asked to illustrate a children’s book. A beautiful little poem of hope and patience. Part way through, the voice on the phone said something like… people don’t read books anymore. And that was the end of the idea.

Have you ever given up on an idea or been motivated to quit or simply left out of the process. Did you ever feel like it was all for nothing? As the proud owner of an obsolete education in multimedia production and as a soon to be second time divorced woman… boy o boy, I sure know that feeling.

Sometimes the wreckage is minimal. Sometimes the blessings are obvious but burdensome, and sometimes it takes everything you’ve got in you to sift through the rubble and pick out the scraps of minute value. You can collect them in a jar and look at them later. You can pour them into the ocean to melt into the ecosystem, you can burn them in a glorious bonfire and be released from their sentiment as it all rises like a smoke signal.

I look at my children and know exactly what the something wonderful is that came from that wreckage.

I tinker and dabble in technology, always learning and marveling at the connectivity. But it was never my treasure. I love to make things from my own mind and bring them into the world to be enjoyed or pondered, maybe even bring some meaning to the mediocrity. I knew enrolling was the only thing available in my city that even remotely seemed art related. It was commercialism. I became uninterested. So was it all for nothing? Sure felt like a big waste of time and money to me. Do you know what I got…. I got to know myself and world a little better. That’s a treasure too.

Yesterday I found these…. and I felt no loss or disappointment. Instead a smile crept over my face because even if the world never hears the poem, I did. Someone trusted me with their hearts thoughts and do you know what came of it? This guy…..

I think he’s pretty darn cute. We can be an inspiration even if we aren’t able to go the distance.

I’d love to hear about your “almost” and the treasures you found.


Julia Marie.

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