Crazy Daisy

I have a variety of Glass pieces available to purchase. My goal is to get them into a flower or gift shop. So I guess this is about looking for a venue. I’d love some advice or suggestions. As it is… and customs orders are welcome.

Crazy Daisy

4 Replies to “Crazy Daisy”

      1. Have you tried Pulse Gallery at the Forks? The Forks Trading Co., Wayne Arthur Gallery. They all showcase Manitoba artists. I can ask an artist friend of mine for more suggestions.

        How about smaller towns, Gimli has a huge art base, I’m trying to remember the name of the event they have there that runs incongruent with The Wave exhibition… if I think of it I’ll come back to it.

        The Mennonite Heritage Museum has a gift shop in Steinbach.

        Maybe you have thought of these already. . .

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