This is what happens….

As an artist something that happens is that you get asked ” can you do…..?” Each of us is different. Some sketch brilliantly. Some cartoon. Some are brilliant at Anime. Some thrive with a paint brush or a welding torch. Whatever it is, none of us can or want to do it all. We also doubt. Am I good enough? Will anyone like it? What if I say yes to a project and it turns out to be a big disappointment?

Recently a person whose opinion of me matters asked how familiar I was with roses for a tattoo in memorial.

Aside from a wayward minister deciding to put my logo on his arm in some misguided display twisted intent… I’ve never designed a tattoo

I know I don’t have the ability to draw anime, because I tried to help a friend illustrate a book and it just wasn’t in me.

Art is so personal and emotional that rejection batters our sense of self. I don’t like to fail. Do you?

Do you know what I decided to do? I TRIED. And I liked it, I surprised myself. Whether the person who inspired it uses it or not doesn’t even matter. I tried and it didn’t suck. It came from a place of heart motivated desire to try.

Thank you for asking.

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