Love Tree

The idea is simple.  Like a family tree, with each family or friend represented by a single heart, growing from the base, either mobile ( potted) or rooted.  I welcome  custom orders of all sizes for any client, business or home.  You can choose any customization, any theme, colour.



Walk with me


Here it is: my first large sized landscape painting, and let me tell you…. it was a huge learning experience and a lesson in ” yes you can”. I really thought I couldn’t and I’m quite pleased that I did. I hope it is well recieved. I’m off to my next project…. Love trees! Happy Wednesday people!



Breaking open a new art set, things got a little Multimedia around here. I wanted to share this afternoons WIP. Watercolour, markers and oil pastel. 11×14 on paper. I have the best time when I get right into it and just play.





I kind of have a thing for colorful little frogs. They make me happy. This guy was completed today… 10×10, Acrylic on Canvas Panel.

10×10 Acrylic on Canvas panel